Mobile Streams launches
the new audience
intelligence platform

Discover better insights, deliver the best
content & drive the ultimate strategies

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Why choose Streams?

Mobile Streams has launched Streams - A better way to discover the deep behaviours and interests of your target audiences. Streams uses machine learning to locate your key audiences and visualizes who they are, where they are & what they will be most engaged by.

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How are you talking to your customers?

85% of specific groups will only buy something a friend
has recommended. Discover how to harness this


Streams has many core features to grow your audience relationships:


See where and how to
reach them


Understand what content
resonates strongly


Discover their core
behaviours and interests

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Remove all the guess work

Brands need to deliver engaging content to consumers who along with using ad blockers are being bombarded with information. Discover the insights you need to build the best customer relationships.


Streams is integrated with many of the leading software solutions to help power up your customer insight.